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Water Safety Plans are changing


The guidance on Water Safety Plans from the Ministry of Health has changed.

We’ve got you covered. Training courses to show you what these look like in practice.

Our course with WaiComply

The 6 Principles of Drinking Water Safety In Practice

Our course with Water New Zealand

Critical Control Points in Water Supplies

As seen in AsiaPacific Infrastructure

Read about our comments on the future regulation and service delivery of New Zealand’s ‘Three Waters’ here in Infrastructure News.


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Adopting preventive risk management and multiple barriers used to be things that were nice to consider in the New Zealand water industry.
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It really void all the grey areas we may have about the CCPs. The format is also great (not too long, not too short). It gives us time to think about it, and refer back to it if we need to (which I did). The PDFs sheets are also brilliant!

I am dealing with the WSPs and the DHB, revising the WSPs that were approved and need updating. I now know exactly where and what to look for.

The way you introduce yourself and talk about your background is inspiring and I feel like I am in good hands with you sharing your experience with us.

Christian RoyKaikoura District Council

Having made the shift from a large council where my background was wastewater and stormwater operations to a smaller one where we do all 3 waters along with changes to the industry post Havelock North I took the opportunity to do the Critical control points online training.

The course content was provided in a way that was simple to understand and easily applicable to real life. The presentations were engaging and with the pages of notes, I wrote while watching I have been able to expand my whole team's knowledge! The reference material provided as you completed the modules meant that I can easily apply it to our current plants and WSP's with confidence.

Karen SteffekThames-Coromandel District Council

I used it to explain the concept to WTP operators as some of our water safety plans were up for review. We workshopped the principles, which was good. The operators grasped it.

I thought the concepts were presented succinctly and clearly.

Stephanie ShepherdWaipa District Council

The course has given me the ability to think critically about WSPs that I have looked at before, and it made the concepts easier to understand.

It easy to get through the material online, and the one-pagers (cheatsheets) were useful. I can see that they might come in handy when convincing clients that they need to do a bit more.

I liked having different delivery formats throughout the course, that was a good approach. Although I stopped and started the training when I had spare time so the boredom thing would never have been an issue.

Lisa MaceBeca Consulting


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