Keep up, stand out and be a questioning engineer

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Are you a questioning engineer? Online training and professional development for engineers and infrastructure professionals should keep you curious. You need real world, non-technical skills, and we deliver them without boring you to tears. Writing skills, sales tools that win proposals, and project management used to be things that were nice to have in an engineer. Now? Leave them out and you might be left out in the cold. Whether it’s to nail your job, or climb to the next career rung, we’ve got you covered with courses and resources.

Keep up, stand out and be a questioning engineer.

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The training comes to you with instant online access to courses, or access to customised coaching or in-house training for your team. This is real engineering training for real life engineers. How will you become a better engineer?

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Consulting engineering on water management projects, specialising in infrastructure regulation and policy, stakeholder management and communicating technical content.

  • James Hopgood, Completed Writing Skills For Engineers (in 2016) - Principal Engineer, AECOM, Sydney Australia

    The tools in the course have definitely helped me get my message across in simple terms. The biggest help has been the cheat sheets. Being able to have the sheets as a quick reference guide at my desk when I’m writing my technical reports has been a huge aid – at a glance, I can see exactly what I should be cutting out and reducing. I can quickly identify what is padding, and it jogs my memory. I’ve still got a bit of a way to go to be an excellent writer. But in terms of getting the gist across to the non-technical reader, and being able to simplify my message, I'm way ahead of where I used to be.

  • James Hopgood, Completed Writing Skills For Engineers (in 2016) - Principal Engineer, AECOM, Sydney Australia

    Before the course I was a little worried because I was paying for it, my company wasn't. But what I got out of it for my own personal development was totally worth it. When I looked around there were no other courses that were as cheap as it was and offered that much. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd in terms of the quality of their report writing. Anyone who wants to keep the essence of the solution or problem there but actually write it concisely – I definitely would recommend it for that. I also think it would really help reviewers of reports – it would help them to be able to cut the padding quickly.

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