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Carly Price is the original Questioning Engineer. After years of experience as an engineer and consultant, she could see the frustration in the sector. The context and technologies that engineers are working in are changing so rapidly, it is hard to stay up-to-date. Carly questioned why engineers had to spend loads of money and time going to conferences – or going to long, face-to-face technical training where most of it is theory with very little practical application. Who has time for that with a full-time job?

It was time for change. The Questioning Engineer delivers the practical knowledge and international practices that engineers didn’t get at university.

01. Getting things done

Engineers are smart. But training for engineers has historically been all about the theory. Then with on-the-job experience, you can turn the theory into something useful. Something that transforms the communities you live in.

Carly wanted engineers to have the practical information from the first day. For students to have actions they could take in their jobs at the end of every lesson – the action-oriented education you didn’t get in university.

02. Transforming the infrastructure sector

Increasing populations and resource use… climate change… changing technologies… increasing stakeholder expectations…

All the issues that professionals providing infrastructure services have to face daily. Also the reasons it is getting harder to guarantee excellent drinking water, recreational facilities, roading, reliable electricity and no harmful flooding.

It’s time to transform the way our sector deals with these issues. It starts with transforming how we train. How we communicate. How we work.

How we can help you be a Questioning Engineer

If you or your team are ready to transform how you learn and stay up-to-date, we can help with:

  • instant access to online courses to boost your skills and technical knowledge in water quality management
  • one-on-one training and coaching across Australia and New Zealand
  • helping your engineering consulting firm develop in-house training programs to boost staff skills
  • in-house consulting on water management projects – see a Questioning Engineer in action.

Improve your understanding and management of water quality requirements and practices, and get back to being a great engineer. A great innovator.

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