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Carly Price is the original Questioning Engineer. After years of experience as an engineer and consultant, she could see the frustration in the sector. There’s a lot of good reasons to become an engineer, but the paperwork isn’t one of them. Carly questioned why engineers were spending their days writing reports, drafting proposals and meeting with frustrating clients, when they held the technical skills that could be put to much better use.

It was time for change. The Questioning Engineer delivers the business and communication skills engineers didn’t get at university.

01. Getting things done

Engineers are smart. But we aren’t born knowing all about client management, or how to communicate effectively to win more business. Carly wanted engineers to skill up in these areas, so they could stay curious, and keep questioning and innovating, without the paperwork burden dulling their curiosity for how things work, and how to make them better. Everyone needs some help to get things done, and The Questioning Engineer courses deliver for engineers.

02. From engineer to consultant

If you’re interested in shifting from an engineer who knows their technical stuff, to a consultant who brings more to the table and maybe running the show, you need to communicate, you need to get on top of your paperwork, and you need to stand out. Get the consulting skills down and concentrate on what you love.

How we can help you be a Questioning Engineer

If you or your team are ready to streamline your paperwork and cut your time away from the technical stuff, we can help with:

  • instant access to online courses to boost your email skills, improve time management, win better work, make your CV stand out, and get across infrastructure industry regulation and policy
  • one-on-one training and coaching across Australia and New Zealand
  • helping your engineering consulting firm develop in-house training programs to boost staff skills
  • in-house consulting on water management projects – see a Questioning Engineer in action.

Improve your consultancy skills, get on top of your paperwork, and get back to being a great engineer.

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