Alexa McAuley

A Questioning Engineer

Alexa is an environmental engineer who has worked as a consultant for over 15 years. Working for a range of organisations in Australia, she’s moved from large multi-nationals to her own successful practice. Her engineering skills have contributed to projects with a science and engineering focus or led by landscape and urban design professionals.

Through these experiences, Alexa has seen many different consulting styles and thought deeply about the kind of practice she would like to create in her own workplace.

Water management skills, not spills
Alexa specialises in sustainable urban water management, working with government and private sector clients. Her strong technical skills in modelling, analysis and design are complemented by strategic planning, systems thinking, policy development and capacity building.

Always thinking about the next challenge and continuous improvement, Alexa’s leads courses and training to share her experience across a broad range of proposals and projects.

After finding her own path to fun and fulfilling work in the technical arena – without having to climb the management ladder or leave the industry – she wants to help you do the same.