Making information accessible.

We understand that information needs to be communicated clearly and visually to make an impact and ensure understanding.

We produce documents (including fact sheets, brochures and visual literature) with technical content made accessible to both experts and lay-people.

It has been a really great experience working with The Questioning Engineer as a one-stop shop. We value not having to play an interpreter role, acting between our technical experts and our communications professionals, meaning that information is understood and presented in the most impactful way.

Jim GrahamWater New Zealand

The Questioning Engineer was extremely flexible in meeting requirements to fit in with our existing identity, but Carly still brought her own style to add another dimension to the product so it wasn’t 'corporate dull'.

We loved the fact that she knew and immediately understood all of the technical content and had amazingly creative ideas, so it didn’t take much of our time to get the materials correct, but importantly still accessible.

Jim GrahamWater New Zealand

Communication tools that are still accurate.

Created by an experienced team of engineers, the material is accurate and well researched, while still speaking clearly to a wide range of audiences.

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Need to inform elected officials and the wider community about technical matters?
But you don’t want to spend all your time correcting the “simplified” version the designers give you?

We do the design and the content for you. We do the painful bit – contact us and we can talk about options.

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