Carly Price

The original Questioning Engineer

Carly Price is an engineer and entrepreneur who wants you to be the best engineer you can be. Specialising in water supply management, infrastructure regulation and risk management, she’ll transform how you manage your water supply (or your clients’ water supplies) with online engineering courses, coaching and in-house training.

Carly spent 8 years with the NSW and Federal Governments, in regulatory roles, and has consulted for 10 years in different roles.

Now she is concentrating on developing online resources for the water industry to help every professional keep up-to-date with all the rapid changes. She also partners with water suppliers to check the robustness of their water supply systems and find ways to reduce the likelihood of hazardous events happening.

Spare time? She spends that trying to keep her sons from driving her and her husband crazy.

Connect with Carly
Tel:  +64 21 995 096