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Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

The 6 Principles of Drinking Water Safety In Practice: The Expert Guide to Managing Water Supplies

The 6 Principles of Drinking Water Safety In Practice: The Expert Guide to Managing Water Supplies

Critical control points for water supplies

Critical Control Points in Water Supplies


Writing skills for engineers


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Time management for engineers

I did the Critical Control Points Course. Having made the shift from a large council where my background was wastewater and stormwater operations to a smaller one where we do all 3 Waters along with changes to the industry post Havelock North I took the opportunity to do the Critical control points online training.

The course content was provided in a way that was simple to understand and easily applicable to real life. The presentations were engaging and with the pages of notes, I wrote while watching I have been able to expand my whole team's knowledge! The reference material provided as you completed the modules meant that I can easily apply it to our current plants and WSP's with confidence.

Karen SteffekThames-Coromandel District Council

Since I did the Writing Skills for Engineers Course I’m using it at the work and it is drastically reducing the amount of padding and filler in my reports. I’m not 100% there, but I'm way better in terms of getting the gist across to the (non-technical) reader, and being able to simplify it and get to the root cause in simple terms. The things in the course definitely helped me get my message across in simple terms.

James HopgoodPrinciple Engineer, AECOM, Sydney, Australia


Forget trial and error. Learn from our experience (and mistakes) instead.

Those ‘soft skills’ they didn’t teach you at university? You need them. Communicating, writing, client management, using your time effectively… those are the skills that take you from engineer to leader.

Want to cut through and stand out on your next job application? Or gain a clear understanding of water quality management? Spend less time managing and more time on the technical projects you love? We’ve got engineering short courses for that.

Optimise your drinking water management – now, not after 12 months of theoretical courses

Need some technical knowledge but don’t have time to go back to school, because you have an important job (supplying water!)?

Through our short courses we share our knowledge, experience and best practice with industry professionals – so, in turn, they can manage water quality, communicate its importance, and then deliver a safe and essential utility.

Critical Control Points in drinking water


Courses for technical people

Ask the right questions and stand out with business smarts. Practical online training, with instant access for the curious engineer.


Questioning Engineers do better

Engineering training doesn’t end when you graduate. Innovation, industry developments and working smarter are key to your CPD. Keep up online at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you. Be a questioning engineer and boost your career where it counts.