What you need to know to implement the
6 principles under the new Water Safety Plan framework:

The New Zealand online course.

The new Water Safety Plan framework starts with the 6 principles - do you know what the principles look like in a WSP?

Why do I need this course?

What do I get in the online course? How will it help me deliver safe drinking water?

Each of the 5 online modules takes approximately an hour to complete - with interviews, lectures, articles and reference material. Not to mention the quizzes - not your typical multiple choice quiz.

It has been developed to give you the tools to create a robust system. A system you can reflect in your Water Safety Plan that articulates the 6 principles. Looking beyond the theory, we will show you what that system looks like in practice.

The best news is, the first module is free. If you like what you see, then get the rest of the course for $392 + GST.

What can you learn about drinking water safety online?

Isn’t the New Zealand context different to international situations?

Here’s more information about what we will cover from the course coordinator, Carly Price: