Strategic Thinking

The course is highly interactive with video conferences with other participants and individual time with the instructor. That way you get the benefit of everyone’s different experiences and skills.  You will be guided through practical exercises and activities designed to teach the fundamental skills required for strategic thinking. You will leave with a toolbox of resources and the confidence to start applying them immediately.

Strategic thinking is often identified as a key competency gap in both emerging and experienced leaders, but how do you actually learn to ‘think strategically’? This stimulating and unique course equips participants with a range of skills and stretch their creative muscles to develop a strategic mindset. It will also provide a range of tools and models to turn ideas into reality, and help employees develop an innovation culture in their organisation.  Participants will learn to recognise opportunities others have missed and harness these for competitive advantage, develop a continuous improvement mindset that allows them to reframe mistakes as learning opportunities, and gain clarity around complex decision making by developing the ability to recognise critical trends & patterns.

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The course will starting on 14 May 2021, and run for 4 weeks. There are 4 weekly 1-hour video conferences which are mandatory to attend, as well as homework and preparatory work. Each participant will also have 15 min in a one-on-one video conference with the instructor to go through their own specific challenges and skills.

The cost is $745 excluding GST and includes printed material delivered to you as well as recordings of the video conferences for later reference. We will invoice you for the course and require payment before the course commences.

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