Why is time management any different for engineers?

If you feel like you spend all day troubleshooting with no chance for ‘real’ work… get some help from engineers who’ve been there.

Yes, we get the irony of finding the time to learn about time management. That’s why we developed an online course you can complete at your own pace. Developed by consulting engineers, you’ll learn practical strategies to manage your day.

Learn from their experience (and lessons learnt the hard way) how to get on top of your workload and focus.


Join us for Time Management for Engineers

AUD98 (GST inclusive)

Learn engineering-specific skills around changing your habits for a more effective working day.

Practical strategies to address the day-to-day time sucks for engineers, including:

  • scheduling emails, meetings and phone calls
  • managing clients (and your boss)
  • working effectively with a team
  • smart filing to cut wasted time searching for what you need.

Course delivery: online at your own pace
Course length: XXXX
Instructor: Carly Price