Engineering proposal writing

Are you spending too much time on proposals? Winning the wrong engineering projects, or getting the scope wrong so you’re working for nothing?

Become the engineer known for writing winning, profitable proposals.

We know how, and we’re ready to share.


Join us for Winning Good Work (CO03 WGW)

AUD389 (GST inclusive)

Practical course designed and delivered by expert engineers.

We start with understanding:

  • who you want to work with – target the right projects
  • getting to the table
  • what’s in a brief.

Based on real-life proposals and projects, we cover writing a winning proposal by exploring:

  • the engineering proposal process from a client perspective
  • identifying what a client needs (as opposed to wants)
  • writing simple proposals than encourage quick decisions
  • getting the scope right
  • working smarter to win the work you want.

Course delivery: online at your own pace
Course length: 4 hours
Instructor: Carly Price


Estimated Publishing Time is April 2018