Nail your engineering reports

Do your engineering reports make eyes glaze over? Do they make your colleagues, boss and clients switch off? If you struggle to communicate technical information to non-technical people, we help you get your point across. Our engineering writing course is affordable, practical and focused on cutting filler, explaining jargon and knowing when you’ve said enough.


Join us for Writing Skills for Engineers (CO04 WSFE)

NZD 189 (GST exclusive)

An interactive, hands-on course including:

  • practice writing easy to understand engineering reports
  • cutting filler to halve your report size – take the challenge!
  • where to use jargon and where to cut it
  • communicating your ideas effectively and efficiently
  • how better reports boost your engineering career.

Course delivery: online at your own pace
Course length: 2 hours
Instructors: Carly Price