Prepared for the new water regulator?

New regulator water safety plans

How should you prepare for the new water regulator?

Did you see the announcement of the new regulator? See here for more details on the New Zealand Government’s latest development.

It’s a great step towards making sure that all New Zealanders have access to clean drinking water.

But it does raise questions for the practitioners on the ground:

  • What will a new regulator require?
  • How long will we have to transition to the new requirements?
  • Who is going to be signing off we’ve met the requirements?
  • How will the industry up-skill to the new requirements?

Our guess is that a new regulator is not going to rewrite the rule book overnight. We think the most likely approach is to start with the recently updated Water Safety Plan framework and refine it from there. After all, the framework is aligned with approaches used internationally in Australia, Canada and places in the UK.

So how can you prepare for the new regulator? Want to make the changes first, before they are imposed on you? That way, there’s more time to make the changes properly, rather than making less than ideal changes at the last minute.

The new Water Safety Plan framework

Don’t be mistaken, adapting to the new Water Safety Plan framework is not something you can just hand over to a consultant and hope they give you a report that will get a tick. It’s a different way of thinking about and managing water. There are many components to a WSP under this framework that weren’t there before. You will likely have some gaps needing to be filled.

So how do you make the shift in thinking and managing? And most importantly, how do you do without increasing everyone’s workload?

The answer lies in making sure you understand the very basis of the Water Safety Plan framework – the building blocks on which all the details are based: The 6 principles of drinking water safety. Without this understanding you won’t be able to find your gaps and prioritise how to fill them – and I don’t just mean knowing the words in the principles, I mean understanding how that changes what you do on the ground.

The most efficient way to get this practical understanding of the 6 principles is to do our course – it’s online, on-demand and you do it at your own pace. No need to take days away from the office.

But if you want to make sure everyone in the team really understands the change then have a look at our in-house training option. We can deliver the course to your team in 2 or 4 hour versions – talk to us to find out the best format for your team. We can give you a quote, just give us an email or call.

If you think that you might need more individualised feedback for your council, we do partner and advise councils about their specific challenges. Call us today for more information.

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