Why Do Newspapers Always Get It Wrong?


If you have ever had a project that the media reported on, you may wonder why newspapers always get it wrong.

This comic will explain…

Media report on your work

But could you understand a complex university lecture in a different technical area with only a few hours?

So the real question is – Can you explain your technical project simply enough for a high school graduate to understand?

If you’ve been misrepresented in the media, there’s a pretty good chance your explanations are not in plain English.

Here are a couple of tips you could start using today:

  • Try using shorter sentences – seriously. Just add full stops!
  • Avoid words that end in “ion”, like documentation, utilisation, etc.
  • Never use a passive voice. Well, less than 10% of the time anyway.

If you want to find out about how to not use the passive voice, etc, come and check out our interactive course on writing.

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