Can a Textbook Be Fun?


So let me ask you – Can a textbook be fun? Of course, when print was expensive, we made succinct textbooks. Mostly, dull textbooks. But in this information age, with a limitless capacity for data, can they be fun as well?

This is a bit left-field compared to my last blogs, but it’s related:

I asked myself the 3 questions to figure out what was worth the pain in life. I painted an ideal week for myself, figured out what gets me out of bed in the morning, and started using all the functionality of my operating system.

The details of what I found out will bore you… except for this bit. The part where I’m branching out of online courses into a new realm at The Questioning Engineer.

The next step – accessible technical information

The exciting bit is – I am taking on a new project: I’m going to make technical information accessible. Accessible and usable, so engineers can get their messages out to the public.

Flying pig

Ha! I know! Nothing like taking on an impossible dream.

But how much time do you spend explaining your recommendations or results to decision-makers who don’t get it?

What if instead, you could hand them a graphical explanation that entertained them?

Their eyes glaze over when you say “log removal” or “compressive strength”… but what if there was a short, entertaining video you could show them and they understood?

When you’re telling your boss or client or board “This is a must because it’s a big risk” – do you think they would listen more if they understood what you know? Well, this might be the best way to tell them…

That will never work for engineering information…

Except that it will.

It already works for technical information like software instruction manuals.

I can guarantee you I am not in the slightest bit interested in the technical difference between Chrome and other web browsers. But after reading this graphical adaption by Scott McCloud I am very well versed in it.

So can a textbook be fun like that?

Can a textbook be fun

Let’s find out.


I will start turning my blogs into graphical adaptions of my thoughts – let me know what you think.

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