Why Ongoing Training Matters When You Have a University Degree


You’ve finished university with flying colours. You’ve started your new job, but the company is asking you to do some ongoing training. Why, when you already have a degree? Well, training is still just as important as before your degree and here are three reasons why.

Make Sure You Have the Skills for the Job

Your university degree taught you the theory and some of the practical skills. What it didn’t teach you are the company-specific skills you need. This is what you’ll get from the company’s orientation training. Often this training covers project management processes, report formatting, and proposal writing.

Continuous Development Within the Industry

All industries develop and release new technology processes constantly. So on-going training is essential for professional development. Without it, you run the risk of being stuck in your job unless you re-train. Sometimes doing training outside of work will refresh your mind, even if it is not directly related to your industry. The skills from training in other sectors are often transferable.

Work Your Way Up the Company Ladder

It is important to be technically excellent, but if you can’t translate that into projects, winning work, and delivering great reports and designs for your client, then you won’t get far in the business world.

As well as learning the technical skills, you need to learn business and professional skills. This is an important part of professional development if you want to go on to earn more. Yes, you wrote many essays and practice engineering reports at university, but how do you write that email to your client?

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Your university gave you the basic engineering skills. Now its time to add to those skills to grow your career. The Questioning Engineer is a great place for professional development, to help you develop your ‘soft’ skills and work your way up the company ladder.

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